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 About us

Xi'an Chanba International Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd. was established on December 23, 2005. We are the only one State-Owned convention and exhibition company established in Xi'an Chanba Ecological District, with the investment from Xi'an International Horticultural Expo Group Co., Ltd, and Xi'an Chan River Development Co., Ltd.


Relying on Chanba Ecological District, we are taking the advantages of the unique ecological resources of Xi’an Horticultural Expo Park, with the main business of planning and operating conferences, exhibitions, and large-scaled events. “Chanba International Conference and Exhibition, Green Ecological Presentation" represents our ideas and characteristics, while we are adhering to the idea of "innovation--comes from satisfaction, implementation-based on feasibility, trust-higher than dependence". Our aim is to spread our services into multiple areas, with providing creative and practical solutions to help customers improve their overall brand image.


Choosing Chanba International Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd. means choosing innovation, fashion, green and quality.


Let’s create a better future together!


Scope of business:

The company specializes in investment management and consultation (except securities and commodities); Enterprise management consultation; Corporate image planning; Financial consultation; Market research; Undertakes various kinds of exhibitions, conferences, large-scale exhibitions, sports competitions, cultural activities, festivals and other relative activities; commodity import and export business; organization of cultural exchange activities; release, planning and implementation of multiple types of advertising; conference (meeting) planning, organization, reception, post-conference inspection and meeting (meeting) supporting services, perfect service for planning PR events, celebration ceremonies, team spirit building, domestic and foreign inspection and exchange services.



Xi'an Chanba International Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

E-mail: 1971245971@qq.com


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No 1 Office Building, Shiyuan Village, Shibo Avenue, Chanba Ecological District

服务热线: 029-87666813
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